Performance Management

Performance Management is a concept and culture of managing a company, it is the leadership and development approach in a way that increases the probability that short- and long-term goals of the company, both, will be achieved through processes maximizing the performance and potential of individual employees. The process itself and its procedures are led and implemented starting from the level of the line managers. The main change is in the shift off from the traditional performance management practices and towards "performance development". Traditional performance management techniques are shifted to more effective techniques that are better accepted by people and that increase interactivity, engagement and team cohesion. Performance Management can be introduced gradually in phases and improved "on the go" according to the findings during its implementation.
In a nutshell, it means the package of the proposed:

- Management and communication processes, including manuals and tools easy to use for managers and employees at the required levels

 - A set of Workshops/trainings for creating and practicing the use of manuals and tools – adopting of procedures and their integration into the management system in the company.

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