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Employee Assistance Program and Wellbeing

Counselling for you in any work and family situation at hand, quickly and efficiently...

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Assessment centrum Development centrum

Can't find the right employees? Do you plan the wider general development...

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Individual and Team coaching

Coaching is an effective method of personal and professional development that enable fulfillment of one´s potential...

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Leadership  Development

Leadership does not mean an innate personal skill, it is a set of competences and skills accessible to each one of us..

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Diagnostic audits

Do you need the diagnosis of the condition of your company... 

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Talent development

Don't let the talents go and light up your stars...

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Managerial consultations

We provide management consulting on the principles of the humanistic management ...

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Performance Management

Performance Management is a concept and culture of managing a company, ...


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Low investment and high impact – webinars on current topics    

Clients with experienced management and a strong HR team know that some hot topics in managing people and their performance, or problems in teams can be solved very quickly and effectively through workshops or webinars...

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Case study

The case described in the case study is the problem of a person - a manager, from whom his family, friends and, finally, colleagues have completely departed. He always worked hard, he was successful in all his achievements...


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