Low investment and high impact – webinars on current topics    

Clients with experienced management and a strong HR team know that some hot topics in managing people and their performance, or problems in teams can be solved very quickly and effectively through workshops or webinars. Try a solution that is flexible, fast and highly cost-effective. In addition, a webinar or a workshop has the huge advantage of a collective experience and discussion and a collective search for an optimal solution. It activates people, brings a joy, expresses the employer's interest in supporting its teams and employees. A webinar on a current topic will allow you to open the topic, name the problems and discuss them interactively. But not only – we conduct our webinars using the method of searching and finding a joined solution and conclusion. We always offer the possibility that participants of a workshop or webinar will work out the future procedure from the workshop/webinar together. On the end, it's clear what and how we're going to do next – what I'm taking with me!
The Covid 19 pandemic has brought an immediate demand for flexible delivery of webinars on a current topics lonked to the actual issues. Whether it's about managing teams remotely, or how to deal with home office when suitable conditions are not there, life-work balance, etc. In addition the uncertain times with military conflict in Ukraine, the global inflation and unprecedented price growth came. At the same time, we live in constant daily stress. Companies are facing an increase in atypical demands from employees on working conditions and have to adapt in order to attract the highest quality employees. Because only they can ensure the desired business results and prosperity of the company. HumanX GROUP through its consultants has extensive experiences in creating workshops/webinars on current topics and responds flexibly to the growing demand.

Researchs shows that employees are most interested in topics that affect them personally. At the same time, the difficult topics are transered into their work performance, into their (dis)satisfaction and overall feeling of life (un)well-being. Let's take a look at the most requested popular topics of the 90-120 minute workshops/webinars that can inspire you:

TEAM PROFILE AND TEAMWORK – why it does not work for us? We need to change/improve relationships and settings, we have an important mission/change ahead.

COPING WITH EMOTIONS WHEN STRESS OVERWHELMS US - when all is too much for us, the negative emotions and how to deal with them, how to get along with the others, what to do and what not to do, how to help ourselves - procedures and techniques.

FINANCIAL LITERACY AND PREVENTION OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS - financial plan for life, loans, foreclosures, investing, risks, what to do and what not to do.

RETURN FROM HOME OFFICE - social phobias, mental and emotional barriers, fear, comfort,... And what to do with.

HOW TO RESIST SUBSTANCE/NON-SUBSTANCE ADDICTIONS - alcoholism, drugs, medicines, internet, shopping, social networks,...

FEEDBACK AND CRITICAL TOPICS - replace the "sandwich technique" by effective actions.

HOW TO DEVELOP AND STRENGTHEN RESILIENCE – frustrations in the age of social media, multimedia and the trend of the direct instant satisfying your needs and what to do with them.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN CONTEXT - VUCA WORLD - how to enjoy life and work and how to see the opportunity in every conflict.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT and SELF-MANAGEMENT - life plan/non-plan, how to develop your potential.


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