Assessment centrum/Development centrum

Can't find the right employees? Do you plan the wider general development across or particular development accordingly to the individually identified needs of your people? Assessment Centre is a comprehensive program of mapping the strengths and development areas of its participants. Focused on finding their overall potential by observation methods linked to the given competency model, we professionally assess and evaluate the overall level of potential of program participants with respect to the required level of competencies for the particular position.
Development Centre is one of the most reliable methods for the development of employees those with the greatest potential for high performance on the job or position. It is a method that uniquely maps the objective development needs of the participant and allows to design an individual development plan according to his/her observed development needs. The method includes various situations and tasks corresponding the competencies necessary for success on the given position.
A detailed analysis of current and future requirements for the successful performing of the given work precedes the design of the Development Centre tasks.

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